New Bats added to my shop every Sunday at 7pm ET! Follow along above to see all of my latest designs!

Sabrina's Stitches FAQ's

1. How do I purchase a bat?

Click HERE to head to my home page to see all of the bats I currently have available. All of my bats are 100% handmade. Every week I make as many bats as I can and then I post them on my website every Sunday at 7pm ET. If the bat you are looking for isn't available, see #2 below!

2. The bat I wanted to purchase isn't listed on your home page. How do I purchase it?

If the bat you are looking for is new, it likely hasn't been released yet! Click HERE to sign up for a text reminder right before the newest batch of bats is uploaded on Sunday so you don't forget to grab yours (I promise, only reminders once a week, NO spam)! If the bat you are looking for is an older bat design, I am always open to hearing suggestions of which bats to bring back into rotation so please feel free to reach out to me on social media, I love hearing your suggestions!


3. How much are your bats?

My bats are currently $50 USD plus shipping!

4. How much is shipping, where can you ship, and how long does shipping take?

Shipping to the continental US is $5. Shipping internationally varies based on location, but is usually around $15 USD. I can ship anywhere that the United States Postal Service can! Shipping to the US usually takes about 1 week. Internationally it can take a bit longer. Although uncommon, sometimes USPS takes longer to deliver a package than expected, especially due to COVID. Please give all shipments a maximum of 90 days to arrive. If the bat still has not arrived, please reach out to me on social media!


5. Do you do custom bats or commissions?

I don't currently do customs or commissions, but I am always happy to hear suggestions of new bat ideas to bring to the shop!

6. I can't find the magnets in my bat's wings! Where are they?

I work very hard to make the magnets inconspicuous, so I understand that sometime they are hard to find! You can find the magnets at the very top point of the wing, in the small triangle of stitches. If you still aren't able to find them, you can reach out to me via social media and I will be happy to send you a photo!